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Honda Jet Ski Wave Runner Rentals in Southern Nevada

Honda AquaTrax
R12 Turbo

$500 per day

+$500 Refundable Security Deposit
Includes delivery, taxes, fees and a full tank of gas.

3 Seater

165HP | 70mph Top-Speed

Honda AquaTrax F12 Rental

Photos by BRP


Nevada PWC Rentals
100 Callville Bay Rd. Overton, NV 89040
Hours of Pick-up
8:00am – 10:00am


Return PWC to the pick-up location.
Hours for Drop-off
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Drop-offs past 6:01 are subject to additional fees.

Rental Includeds

  • 10 hours of wet and wild fun with a one day rental
  • 34 hours of adventure with a two day rental
  • A full tank of gas
  • Life vests
  • Brief operational overview

Not Included in Above Rate

  • Insurance
  • Common sense (hence the insurance)

Available Add-Ons

  • Trailer rental to tow PWC to the destination of your choice


  • Passengers: 2
  • 4-stroke, 4 cylinders, 1235cc, Turbocharged
  • Horsepower: 165 HP
  • Fuel Capacity: 16.6 GAL
  • Top Speed: 70 mph
  • Length: 12.04 Ft
  • Width: 45.7 In
  • Weight: 715 Lbs

About the Honda AquaTrax F12

Details from

The Honda AquaTrax F-12 is a jet ski that captures the style and feel of the parent company’s motorcycles while also offering the quality of manufacturing that turned Honda into an automotive giant.

With its 135-horsepower, four-stroke 1235cc engine, room for three and a sleek, muscular presence, the AquaTrax F-12 is ready for action. The engine of the AquaTrax F-12 has a micro-grooved bearing surface to improve oil retention and bearing durability as lateral loading occurs throughout a broad range of operating conditions. The four -valve cylinder-head design with a narrow 30-degree included valve angle creates a compact combustion chamber for optimum efficiency and power output at all rpm levels. Oil jets located on the crankcase main-journal castings continually cool piston undersides ensures consistent operating temperatures and even better engine life under maximum power. A fast-idle system uses an electric stepping motor to maintain a stable idle speed when the engine is cold.

The hull design provides excellent stability and exceptional low and high speed turning performance without sacrificing the ability to perform low-speed maneuvers. The raised hull design aids in docking and provides excellent splash protection. The hull color of the AquaTrax F-12 has different colors: from sporty White/Metallic Blue or White/Red trims.

The Honda AquaTrax F-12 has abundant storage in two sealed compartments, with a large 23.1 gal front storage box located under the front hood and a smaller 2.5 gal compartment located in front of the rider.


Honda AquaTrax F12 Rental
Honda AquaTrax F12 Rental
Honda AquaTrax F12 Rental

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